Arts District Art Walk

My husband and I hit the first Arts District Art Walk yesterday,, and had a blast.  I hope there are many more to come.
Sponsored by Fabrik Magazine this newbie event was well organized and little like a punk sister to the ongoing downtown art walk ever second thursday monthly.
Covering the areas from 1st - 7th Streets / Alameda - Santa Fe the crowds were thin, but incredibly interesting.  I would expect this event to grow in intensity and hope that it'll keep it's authentic roots in the process.
The three main highlights were well worth the trip:
1)  Persia White, , was singing live at one of the galleries and was fucking unbelievable.  I didn't know who she was (actress on "Girlfriends" I believe) before seeing her sing, but quickly learned that she is a passionate artist and activist.  Her performance and singing were truly, truly astounding.
The videos on her site don't do her voice and presence justice,.  I'm going to offer to shoot her next ones pro bono.  It would well be worth the price of admission.
Her voice sounds like a combination of Sinead O'Connor, Bjork and a touch of Etta James.  Her performances are raw, viscerations of herself you almost feel like a voyuer watching.  Completely intoxicating and impossible to turn away from, it was almost like going to the theatre.  I've never heard a live music crowd so quiet.  The beautiful thing about her is that the root of her creativity seems to come from a place of hope and respect as opposed to some of the darker or self indulgent areas her contemporaries tap into.  Felt so lucky and inspired to have caught the show.
I keep a journal of things I'm gonna buy when I'm rich.  This guy is at the top of my list and getting to walk around his workshop gave my husband the chills.  In a good way.
3)  I ran into my dear, dear friend Eddie Kashiba who I had not seen in years!!  He is a brilliant writer and I was moved and inspired by his gymnast's physiques and shiny penny aura.  It has inspired me to quit drinking.  Why the heck not...  He also reminded me the importance of following your passion.  Hearing his new pitch (for an animation film) gave me goosebumps.  Eddie had drifted into an different career briefly only to return to writing and his friend had some very profound words of wisdom "it gets harder as you get closer to your dream, and is always hardest when you are just about to grab it."

I got a kick out of seeing these two girls run into Wurstkuche, tape this photo on the wall and duck out.  My husband thinks it's a new kind of tagging. Dig it.

Also got photographed by a very nice photographer from Nat Geo Traveler, look forward to the issue.  Although I have to admit I had always imagined myself somewhere a little more exotic than 10 miles from my NoHo house when appearing in Nat Geo Traveler.