Candice Held -

About two years ago I was walking downtown around Main and Spring and happened upon, much to the dismay of my accompanying husband, the dream boutique.  Showcasing original designs by Candice Held my favorite were the vintage silk scarf dresses.  I felt like I had stumbled on the next Diane von Furstenberg and was reminded of how much natural talent some people possess.
A year or so later, I met Candice when she was styling on my commercial shoot and I was happy to find out that she is as lovely as her dresses.
It's hard to describe in words how incredible the fit of her clothing is, but it is akin to vintage and antique silk wedding gowns. The modern ties and draping allow for the most flattering flow while still keeping an edgy feel.  Below, I'm wearing my vintage dress to the Angeleno party.  Above is the party pic from the mag, which makes me wonder how freakishly large our children's heads' are going to be, dress looks great though.
I look forward to seeing Candice again and finding out what she is working on, but until then I'll keep dropping by her site.  I think I'll try the "dishtowel" cotton next.