One of my dear friends works for this great new hair care brand called HerCut. (at Sephora)  I was the blunt model  for the training videos and learned about how the products are designed for your hair CUT instead of hair TYPE, genuis!  (note: it is physically impossible to get a good angle photographing yourself with your IPhone. Just saying, it's the phone, not me...well, it might be a little me)
I've been using the shampoo/conditioner and catalyst for a couple of weeks now.
Things I love:
1) a little goes a long way - Brands always tout this mantra but in the case of HerCut it's actually true.  A walnut size amount of shampoo/conditioner and a "dollop" of catalyst on wet hair every other day is all you need.
2) weightless! - After my foray into drugstore brands I had completely forgotten what this feels like.
3) 4 product regimen - Shampoo, conditioner, styling and finishing.  I'm a big believer in opting for a few quality products over a jillion crappy ones, especially as far as skin and hair care go.  If you have great skin care you don't need a primer.  If you have a great shampoo and conditioner you don't need 4 styling products.
4) awesome branding - I'm using this brand as a focus for my FIDM class on branding.  I love the drawn girls, similar to Stila Cosmetics, that allow you to imagine yourself in each look rather than stare at a "aspirational" model.
It's certainly better than dragging a picture of Cindy Crawford into your hairdresser.  No one looks like Cindy Crawford except Cindy Crawford.  And that's just fine, I hear she's a lovely person.  My husband told me she used to bring her kids to shoots at smashbox and play on the pool table during breaks.  That's cool, I still wanna aspire to be MY best self.  Plus, I'm part asian so my hair is never going to look like a caucasian person's.  Yes, I learned this the hard way.  Dark days, dark days.