Natural Beauty

When I teach at FIDM or pitch beauty companies I am often asked about "trends".  What I have found is that trends are incredibly overrated.
In spiritual leader Wayne Dyer's new narrative movie, "The Shift", he speaks about how women's priorities early in life are family, independence, career, FITTING IN and APPEARANCE.  Thankfully we experience a shift later in life to personal growth and self esteem but I thought he had a very valid point in directing our attention to the newsstands to determine the origin of our early beliefs.
As far as "trends" are concerned I would like to challenge us to develop trends of promoting brands and products that make us feel good as opposed to picking up "seasonal colors" or regurgitated styles that industries dictate to us.  We, as consumers and clients, dictate the success of the market.  Not the other way around.
An example in my own life is my love affair with J Brand jeans.  I picked up 6 pairs of high an mid rise at their factory outlet in downtown LA (at $60 a pop!) and they completely revolutionized my wardrobe and view of myself.  Always thinking myself "not a jeans girl" I realized I was just not a "reveal my crack girl".
And so, I would like to share a few loose guidelines I've come up with over the years regarding "trends".
1)  the greatest creator of beauty is nature
2)  if women worked in compliment to each other rather than competition, we could rule the world
3)  an opinion is just that, an opinion
4)  junior high school is the only time in life where what you wear is dictated by your peers and determines your level of "coolness"
5)  Take Back Your Beauty - whether that means from an airbrushed model, a nasty friend, an expensive product that doesn't perform, or just your own remnants of insecurity...