Shareen Vintage -

I read about Shareen Vintage several years ago and was overwhelmed with joy the first time I stepped into her giant warehouse in downtown LA.  Shareen Mitchell is truly a genius at not only building treasures out of thrift store bins but helping women to see themselves in a whole new light.
I am on her email list, which I totally encourage you to do even if you don't live in LA, and recently she wrote about her new show to debut on Planet Green next Spring.  I was unbelievably inspired by her account of her career start 7 years ago at a flea market and her genuine gratitude for all of her clients.
I absolutely applaud such a kind, visionary woman and every time I shop at her store I find beauty constantly redefines itself leaving me with a total sense of freedom.  Below are two of my favorite finds from her store, though I have many!  I have worn these dresses to; an Oscar party, gallery opening, Getty event, artwalk, film premeire, work and wine tasting, where I received compliment after compliment from stylists, friends and strangers alike.  I always feel beautiful and original when I put them on and I find that vintage often fits me better than current, I call it the Marilyn Monroe effect...