I went to Ulta the other day and had forgotten how much I loved wandering around this mass/prestige mash-up central.  Picked up a few things I thought were interesting and finally gave them a try:
1) my FAV - Sula Paint and Peel Nail Polish
I love "sampler packs"or prepackaged deals and picked up this trio of minis in "Powder".  I had been looking for new nail polish ever since I got my hair cut in Austin and learned that the owner of this particular salon had removed all the nail stations after 15 years because her partner developed irreversible nervous and respiratory damage due to the chemical toxins.  Needless to say, it led me to put as much thought into what I put ON my body as in it.
Sula Beauty has a water based polish that has a thick texture and quick drying time.  The colors are friggin' amazing, alternative but wearable.  I put on only one coat which, even with the dark color, looks just fine.  No smell, no fumes, no nothin'.  I'll let you know how the "peel off" stage goes.  This amazing brand is based in Toronto and I really enjoyed perusing their site.  I want to make a webisdobe for them that has no dialogue and follows a mystery item being passed from woman to woman.  Each mani comes with a story, just like us gals.
2) Revlon cream shadow quad - under $6
I don't buy mass a lot but I loved the packaging and colors in this Revlon quad.  I created a look by:
- blend navy and light blue into top and bottom lash line, pull light blue up slightly into crease
- pat on white as inner corner and brow bone highlighter
I love the consistency and application of this product.  I would recommend picking up one of the neutral color quads as opposed to this one because the product is so sheer that the impact of color is lost.  All in all this is pretty great product for $6, which in LA is equivalent to the drink I get at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  One thing that has always amazed me about the beauty industry is that it fares pretty well in economic down turns.   After all, a $6 new eye look is a pretty good pick me up and Avon's make over your life marketing is very enticing.  I've always fantasized about becoming Avon's VP of Education and developing education into overall well being for women instead of just artistry and sales.
3) c. Booth Multi Action Body Lotion in Lemon Sugar
Putting body lotion on daily after your shower goes a long, loooonnngg way.  I was originally a Lubriderm girl but got tired of the greasy texture and added chemicals.  I switched to Aveeno which is a little pricer but lovely.  AND has SPF.  Very important.  When I picked up c. Booth at Ulta I was motivated by it's low, $10, price tag.  All in all it's a great lotion, the smell and the consistency once it goes on are my favorite points.  My least favorite is the lack of SPF.  I would definitely shell out another $5 for SPF inclusion.  The fourth action point touts the added benefit of caffeine as a firming and toning ingredient.  I've been using the product about 2 weeks and while my skin has a good texture I haven't noticed any real difference in firmness.  But that might just be me, in fact, probably is me.