Great Documentaries - I'm having a love affair with Netflix instant streaming.  My husband and I recently cancelled our satellite service to save money and after hooking up our mini-mac to our flatscreen I discovered I didn't miss basic TV at all.
My new thing is to put on a doc, grab my morning tea, sit down at my desk and "listen" to the documentary as I start working.
Great finds that make me feel like I'm in a formal education instead of guilty pleasuring with reality TV:
Food, Inc.
No Impact Man
The Modernism of Julius Schulmann
The First Saturday in May
The Cool School
180 Degrees South
Ram Dass: Fierce Grace
Every Little Step
7 Up Series
It Might Get Loud
Street Fight
Herb & Dorothy
Valentino: The Last Emperor
Paper Clips
The Garden
The Future We Will Create
Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock
Beer Wars
Please Vote for Me
Man On Wire