Independent Shakespeare Company

About 10 years ago I finished graduate school in Houston and that was the last time I saw my very talented friend Luis Galindo.  And even though I rarely see anyone from those days I remember the time and the people with an intense fondness that causes me to think of my old classmates often.
I remember us young, hanging out at each other's apartments, few cares and less direction.  Except Luis, who, even at 25, had a heart like a lion and a work ethic when few of us could define one.  The only guy at school who held the door for us girls, Luis possessed a humble integrity unmatched in my mind still to this day.  He always seemed to belong more in the world of Shakespeare's black and white morality lessons than in this modern day society of shallow concerns and temporary commitments.
Tonight, I finally got to see him on stage again at the Independent Shakespeare Company's Othello performance in Griffith Park.
The performance was wonderful and I was grateful for the opportunity to rediscover a culture I had completely forgotten when I moved to this sprawling city of eternal summer 9 years ago.
I found my old friend in a good place and look forward to hearing him play the guitar at our house one night in the near future.
I admire Luis's pursuit of what he loves with such an unwavering faith and it's inspiring to see  someone living life as it is meant to be.
 Well done Luis, well done.