Pamela Mitchell and her Reinvention Institute
My dear friends, the lovely Wong sisters, took me to this great little event put on by Women & Co. and More magazine.
It was at the Disney Hall downtown and after having a champagne on the patio in our beautiful weather we heard a wonderful talk with Pamela Mitchell, founder of The Reinvention Institute.
When Pamela was transitioning from Wall Street to the entertainment industry she saw a need for a system to help folks make a career change.

I found her an engaging and inspiring speaker with a bright personality.  I especially appreciated her direct, constructive responses to attendees questions. 

This is a woman with a plan.

She developed a 10 step process which she offers private coaching or online modules in and also covers in her new book "The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention".
Law 1 - It Starts With a Vision for Your Life
Law 2 - Your Body Is Your Best Guide
Law 3 - Progress  Begins When You Stop Making Excuses
Law 4 - What You Seek Is on the Road Less Traveled
Law 5 - You've Got the Tools in Your Toolbox
Law 6 - Your Reinvention Board is Your Lifeline
Law 7 - Only a Native Can Give You the Inside Scoop
Law 8 - The Won't "Get" You Until You Speak Their Language
Law 9 - It Takes the Time That it Takes
Law 10 - The World Buys Into an Aura of Success