Dr. Belinda Botha

My dear friend Belinda was in town this weekend from Dallas.
Belinda and I met 12 years ago while she was completing her PhD in Political Science and I was working on my MA in Theatre.
We went out a lot back then.  Drank, danced and dated inappropriate men.  And in between had very few other cares, which is exactly how your 20's should be.
Two marriages, two mortgages and one 4 year old later a lot has changed.
And, as it's turned out, a lot hasn't.
Belinda is still the wisest person I know and celebrating a milestone birthday with her definitely caused for some reflection on my part.  It feels like all of our lives are now dictated by our careers.  We work harder, longer and under more pressure.  Belinda handles this with grace and dignity and lacking any trace of the self-indulgent soul-searching I suffer.
Belinda receives 1500 emails a day.
Fifteen Hundred.
One thousand five hundred.
In a 10 hour workday that comes down to more than an email every 30 seconds.
My beautiful, gracious friend still centers conversation on whomever she is speaking with and didn't lose a moment pondering the celebrities milling about an event in her hotel.
We could all learn a lot from her beautiful self.