Josie Maran Shoot @ City of Hope

City of Hope is a hospital that treats cancer, HIV and diabetes patients.  And it does so by placing as much emphasis on the spirit during the process of caring for the body that houses it.
The campus is beautiful, like a Huntington Gardens with buildings and a population uniformed in scrubs.  And every, single employee is the picture of service and kindness.
Josie's team of artists completed makeovers on women fighting cancer.  And just like every woman in the world a quick makeover is the best pick me up, regardless of you are trying to pick yourself up from.
I heard a lecture recently with John Grey, of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" fame, and he described how the opposite sexes deal with stress.  For women, when they take care of themselves it releases stress. 
So, whether you find massage, golf or a glass of wine and a good book a way to care for yourself you should remember that indulging is not a guilty pleasure but rather a way to prepare yourself to better serve your loved ones and your cause.