Life Lesson #2 - How You Communicate Defines You

I've been thinking a lot about communication lately while I've been outlining a class on New Media Communication.  When I was in undergrad at Loyola a CMMN major entailed something completely different.  Technical and slow we studied historical models only slightly adjusted to the '90's.
Today is an entirely different matter, and exciting in many ways.
How do we communicate with new technology?
Everything is faster and visual and our opinions, usually just that, are now basis for blogs and careers.
Anyone can be a critic or an expert and people are raised to celebrity not because of occupation but because of personality and popular demand.
Fashion is communication
Beauty is communication
When I was in college I was a terrible gossip, I was in a sorority and it was pretty course de riguer at the time but at 36 it would just make me a bitch.
I'm going to try to make mine positive communication from now on...

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