Laura Geller - not your mother's makeup

I've never tried Laura Geller's products before, knowing her only from QVC, as a professional artist, and briefly in Sephora as a well priced niche line.

When I stopped by Beauty 360 for the first time I decided to try one of her kits since she was the new retailer's top selling line.

"Baked -n- Beautiful" contains 5 products and 3 tools.  I have to admit that I was very hesitant about trying a full "baked" look.  Baking products, literally poured in terracotta pans and placed in an oven, produces a great color payoff with a more dewy finish than most powders. 

Usually, having a complete powder look would leave you lacking radiance and would also run the risk of all that powder settling into any fine lines by day's end.

When I was in graduate school learning to do stage makeup I worked as a counter artist for Chanel.
Insecure about acne, and a million other things, I wore liquid foundation and set with Double Perfection Powder. 

Double Perfection Powder IS a foundation.  Basically I was wearing foundation on top of foundaiton. 

And on one of the first large commercials I landed an acting gig I was put through the hair, makeup and styling department.  I felt like a movie star right up until when the stylist told me that I was "way too fucking young to wear all that crap on my face." 

It was the first time I really saw myself through someone else's eyes.  Super fun.  I've pretty much been a liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer girl ever since.

Beauty and fashion should  make you feel good.  Get rid of anything that doesn't.

My two favorite pieces out of the kit are:
"Balance -n- Bronze" - which operates as a powder foundation, that doesn't settle into lines, has a semi-radiant finish and a contour
"Eye Rimz" - a baked shadow which doubles as liner and wears all day.  I chose to use it as a smudgy smokey one step.  I'm going to try her more vibrant colors next time, and I think "Bewitching Bronze" is an ideal universal color which would look good on anyone.

As a side warning, baked products are very sensitive.  I already dropped, and subsequently broke, my aforementioned "Balance -n- Bronze", so much for my new travel fav...