NYX - www.nyxcosmetics.com

I picked up 8 NYX pencils at the dollar store in Little Tokyo this weekend.
Total cost about $15.

I don't purchase mass brands very often, preferring to buy fewer items in prestige.
Traditionally the difference is "prestige" contain higher quality ingredients which result in professional payoff, longer wear and additional health benefits such as being organic or reparitive.  Prestige brands are also sold in outlets with employees who help you select, Sephora, Nordstrom's, etc.

"Mass" brands, on the other hand, are sold in retailers, such as drugstores, which are self service.  Their cost is usually 30%-90% less than prestige and their ingredients reflect this fact.  When cosmetics companies create a product it's COGS, or "cost of goods" is about 10% of what they sell the product for in stores.
This allows the company to make a profit, after the retailer who sells it, and after paying all internal costs like employees and marketing efforts.

All this means, is that if you want a Highlighter Powder with real crushed Pearl you're gonna pay for it.  Cuz the company that makes that powder had to source that powder from Japan, create a beautiful component for that product and hire Cate Blanchett as a spokesperson to convince you to buy it (by showing you what you'll look like if YOU use it).
On the other hand, L'Oreal sells soooo many $5 lipsticks that they can afford Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and amazing artists to do their makeup when famous photographers shoot the campaigns.

The unicorn of the makeup world is a mass brand that performs like a prestige and offers it's customer the same service/training online that high end department stores do through employees.

I thought I'd try NYX after seeing the product line growing and being attracted to the story of how a young woman in her 20's started the brand to create quality products at a low cost.  I had actually purchased a few eye shadows at a drugstore about 7 years ago.  It was just too tough to get past the MAC expectations that NYX packaging hints towards.
This time around I was impressed with the product selection, especially the color selection, and I was happy with the soft texture of the pencils.

I found them blendable and sustainable.  True to color and interchangable.
Definitely a great bang for the buck and a good way to test a new color you don't want to drop $20 on.
I'll be really curious to see how this brand begins to communicate with it's consumer as the company grows.

I smudged Sapphire in top and bottom lash line.  Blended Electric Blue over the Sapphire and added Moss as a highlight in the outer corner and crease.  Loved the Orange Lip Liner which I buffed all over the lip with my finger.  I did test the Cafe in my brow and still prefer the pay off of powders.
Next I'll give their shadows a second go, excited about the body bronzing powder and freakishly excited about the Chubby Liquid Liner!!