Outdoor Event Makeup

My friend Lori Taylor threw her boyfriend a birthday party this past weekend at Malibu Wines.
Lori, www.loritayloronline.com, is literally the best makeup artist I know.  She has worked with Jeanine Lobell, Francois Nars and now runs the pro-relations department for Smashbox Cosmetics.  She also did my makeup for my wedding pics, right there next to my profile...
And her boyfriend Darien Davis is, literally, the best photographer I know.  He worked for Annie Leibovitz for many years and has photographed some of the most interesting people all over the world.  His portraiture is like nothing I've ever seen, www.dariendavis.com,  and he's a stellar man to boot.  They are a freakishly talented and loving couple and their get togethers totally make my social calendar.
If you don't live in LA, then I should mention that this past weekend and Monday were the hottest days on record.  Ever.
I live in the valley and true to it's name the "valley" traps heat.  I have to remove all of my product from my bathroom wall cabinet as it begins to melt when the sun tracks overhead.
I knew this scenario would hold true for the ON my makeup as well and since people ask me a lot about how to do their makeup for events outside I thought I'd share some tips.

What I wore:

I wore a Ghost dress and gladiator sandals which I was extremely grateful for as I was trekking up Mulholland highway.  Once again, un-natural things, like 5 inch heels, look weird in natural settings.  Plus you'll just be uncomfortable as your standing in line in the dirt for the port-a-potty.