Kate Somerville Quench + Giorgio Armani Foundation

On of the areas I am having my FIDM class research is Complexion Matrixes.  Which basically means the standard steps you follow each day with your complexion products.

Each company has a different design of what products they feel are absolutely necessary to create a perfect canvas.  That said, most artists agree that perfecting complexion is the foundation of all artistry.  Once you've mastered that, any layering of eye, lip or cheek color is icing on the cake.
Bobbi Brown has 10 Steps to a complete look, 4 of which are complexion.

Below are 6 steps I tried out today that I thought were interesting:

Most important innovation for foundation in the future will be anti aging benefits.  I think a lot of products out there are very progressive but today I choose to mix the best of both worlds myself.