My Favorite Kate Somerville Products

I shot product tutorials at Kate Somerville's clinic this past week and am excited to share my favorite picks.
Although I first have to mention that the people who work at the clinic are my favorite thing about the business.  Jamie Yee, Director of Education is so incredibly informed and down to earth that I want to start a fan club.  And the thing she educated me about that I am most dying to try is the wraps with Mary, the "Fat Whisperer".  Yup, she's that good.
I find Katie's products to be some of the best on the market in skin care but I wanted to talk about my 3 favorites that I feel are beneficial to everyone.

#1 ExfoliKate - with natural and chemical actives that lift dead skin off the surface.  This one product will make EVERY SINGLE OTHER YOU APPLY WORK BETTER.  And this may sound controversial, but I don't believe that people need makeup primers.  I believe that they need good skin care.  If your skin is hydrated, moisturized (two different things) and exfoliated your foundation will go on flawlessly.  Not to mention that it will look pretty amazing even without foundation.
#2 CytoCell -  Best moisturizer on the market.  I saw an immediate difference in my skin with an instant plumping.  That has sadly gone away since I whipped through my jar:(
#3 Quench - This serum is a universal tool.  I use a very minimal amount in makeup applications to smooth and hydrate skin.  The advantage is the actual anti-aging properties that primers lack.  After application skin is like velvet and super hydrated.