My Week at Murad

Last week I spent 5 days training with the Murad team on their Inclusive Health program that I will be teaching the next two semesters at FIDM.
My experience at Murad has really changed the way I think of Beauty.

I followed Dr. Murad on rounds, spent a great deal of time studying to become a Certified Inclusive Health Practitioner and I would like to share a little of what I learned.

Just as a side note, when I asked the Murad team what their goal was for the program (goal usually reads "sales") they said that it was important to Dr. to spread the information so that people could live healthier and happier.  Right answer.  Think of that next time you buy a mascara from a company that tells you it can make you look like a supermodel.

Dr. Murad has been developing Inclusive Health, in one way or another, for a large part of his prestigious career.  A celebrated Dermatologist and best selling author Dr. has spent his career trying to improve people's wellness.  (in my early twenties when I had horrific hormonal acne, his products were the only thing that made a bit of difference)
He also happens to be this truly kind and devoted man who shows up to work everyday asking people, including his employees, how he can be of service.  AND he paints...

The Inclusive Health Program is designed around the Cellular Water Principle which is the scientific finding that our health is directly related to the amount of water in our cells.  Our bodies are predominantly water and without that precious source anything from acne to depression can (and in my case has) run rampant.
Damaged cells do not retain water the way healthy ones do, water therefore rushes through our body wasted.

Cells are primarily damaged by poor nutrition.  However, Dr. has recently completed an immense amount of research regarding the effects of Cultural and Emotional Stress on our bodies.
The Inclusive Health Program addresses all stressors on the body with a combination of Topical, Internal and Emotional programs and solutions.

I went through the program with my trainer Julieta, who hands down is not only one of the kindest people I have ever met, but absolutely one of the top trainers I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot.  We discovered that I have a low Phase Angle which means that my cell membranes are weakened, and therefore losing water.

This makes total sense seeing as how I consume fluids like a fish and pee like a racehorse.

First step was to start supplements that would supply my body with the vitamins and minerals that my diet was not.

Several days later my cells were already maintaining more water.

The IH Program will be rolling out next year in spas, retail and various wellness centers, including hospitals.
After completing an hour long, $150, consultation your IHP will design a 10 week program that will improve your health, appearance and over all well being.

While enrolled in the program your Practitioner coaches you along towards your goals.

Today, when I had my yearly well woman's exam, with my ultra fabulous OB/GYN, I asked him what he thought about the importance of including emotional care in a health care program.  He told me that it is one of the most important aspects to overall well being, stress is basically a killer.

And to Dr. Murad's point, we are living in a constant state of stress nowadays.  He believes that the Isolation and Self-Deprecation that accompany our demanding jobs and current economic state has created that poorest state of well being to date.

As cavemen we just had to dodge the occasional carnivore.  Now, every moment is a struggle in the life - work balancing act.

And rather than run through the topical products and services that I received at Murad I would like to leave you with the most important thing I learned last week: