Passion is Beautiful

I've been teaching at FIDM for about a year and a half now.  There are two things that I love about the school, the students and the subjects.
When I went off to Loyola in the early '90's to get my BA, higher learning was generally considered the next step in pursuing a career as well as becoming an overall "educated" person.  Majors were broad and general, career development lacking.  By the time I got my MA I was enrolled only in classes that were directed towards my passion although I had yet to discover a direction.
During the recession my wise husband noted that he thought trade schools, essentially what FIDM is, would make a come back.  They have and what I would like to add is that pursuit of passion is making an even bigger comeback.
The age range and experience level of my students is getting broader and broader.  What they all have in common is that they want to pursue their passion as a career.
They have a degree that they thought was "safe" but still have that drive to get their dream job.
They started a reputable career only to be laid off and decided to change back to their field of original interest.
They managed to get into their dream field and are searching to find the perfect position.
They are trying to determine exactly what their passion is...
When you walk onto the campus of an institution that is devoted to getting people closer to their dream the energy is different.
I encourage everyone to pursue their passion in whatever means manageable to you at this point in time.  It's easy to start, think, when are you happiest?