Simple is Beautiful

I watched this beautiful little movie yesterday, "Ondine", a modern take on a Celtic myth.  The cinematography by Christopher Doyle, of Wong Kar Wai's films, is hypnotic and soulful.  And the story is beautiful.
Collin Farrell plays a down and out fisherman who pulls a mysterious woman up in his nets one day.  I had forgotten how great of an actor he can be.  And Alicja Blacheda, playing Ondine, is achingly beautiful.
The story is set in a small Irish village and Ondine drifts, and swims, through it in a few pieces of clothing, clean skin and wet hair.  After I watched the film I googled the actress and the movie and was immediately disappointed by what I found, and myself for looking.  Apparently the actors became romantically involved, had a child and separated all in a relatively short period of time.  So most of the images were paparazzi shots of the couple.  The press junket videos of the actress revealed a heavily made up woman somewhat bored with the interview process. 
And I thought to myself "did I really need to see all that?".  The answer is, no, definitely not.
The thing that struck me the most was how the ethereal creature in the film was much less so in real life.
I think that is because she was trying so much harder in real life.  
Binding black dresses, smoky eyes and straightened hair have nothing on "Ondine".
Nor any of us really.