Sustainable Beauty

Anthony and I are striving to live a more sustainable life.  

We visited the Sepulveda Garden Center,, where for $25 a year you get a 10 X 20 foot garden plot on their 20 acre facility.  There are tools available for everyone to use and for $10 they till your garden.  The community there is inspiring.

And my New Year's resolution is to buy only vintage and used clothing (except underwear and socks, cuz that would just be weird).  Two of my favorite places to shop are Shareen Vintage, all vintage run by a famous stylist who styles you as you shop,  And It's a Wrap,,  which sells wardrobe from movie and TV sets.  The wardrobe from sets has limited sizing but you can score a great label at up to 90% off.

A lot of my friends want to buy vintage but are intimidated by the shopping experience, it's easy to do when you know where to go.  There are so many pluses to recycling and reusing:
Below are 4  dresses I got from Shareen Vintage's $3 dollar pile...