Ojai, CA

I took a little day trip to Ojai with my friend Angie who had a consultation with Stephen Karcher an IChing and divination expert.  http://stephenkarcher.com/blog/  Angie's consultation was amazing and it was awesome to have access to this expert who moved back to the States from Switzerland and is working with the group www.instituteforculturalchange.org.

While Ang was starting her path of change I took a walk around the beautiful town of Ojai and tried to think of a live-work scenario that would allow me to relocate to this serene locale.
My favorite store was Busy Babes, http://www.busybabesbeauty.com/.  A great little full service beauty stop with a gorgeous product selection.  My favs: Tokyomilk fragrance, Moroccon Oil hair serum and Butter nail polish.

Another highlight was the ice cream store located right next door to the wine tasting bar.