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Teaching Dr. Murad's Inclusive Health program, and viewing Food, Inc. one too many times,  I've began to understand the nutritional component of beauty and health.

I realized I had fallen into our modern consumption of ease, economy and ignorance.  And I've started to view general health and wellness as my new medical practice hoping this will minimalize my use of traditional Eastern, "treat the cause, not the symptom", medicine.  Except for an epidural of course.

One of my favorite sources is Dr. Lindsey Duncan.  His website and blog are indispensable tools and one of the first things I learned was of the Noni fruit's potent potential for women.  Reading his article, below, I discovered that when I originally tried Noni it was in an artificial "juice" mixture.  I look forward to trying it in it's pure form, internally for detoxification and externally for sun spots.

Thanks Dr. Lindsey!


Place of origin: The islands of French Polynesia, and Hawaii
What it is: Noni is a yellow/green seeded fruit that grows on tall trees in the tropical regions of the South Pacific.
What are the benefits: Noni is a digestive bitter and natural cleansing fruit. Noni helps support digestive health, helps support your bodies detoxification and elimination process, and acts as a catalyst, so everything you take with noni (like vitamins and supplements) is more effective.

Why it’s important for women: Digestive disturbances are a big complaint of women. Noni helps support a healthy digestive tract. It helps move waste, detoxify and cleanse, and it can even help your body remove yeast from the intestinal tract. Your immune system lies in your intestinal tract, and when your intestinal tract is clean, and working efficiently, your immune system is supported nicely.

How to incorporate into diet/everyday routine: Noni is not pleasantly incorporated into many products. It is pungent, bitter and for most people not really palatable. Noni is best taken in a juice or liquid supplement form. You can do a one ounce shot of a liquid supplement or a juice. Noni is best taken on an empty stomach.

Noni is known as the “canoe fruit” in the South Pacific where it is grown. Noni is a powerful super fruit with a strong, pungent flavor that has been revered by the people of the French Polynesian islands who have known about the many benefits of Noni for thousands of years.
• Healthy digestion
• Cleansing & detoxification
• Healthy immune function