Cereplast Bioplastics

An old friend of mine works in marketing for this amazing bioplastics company, www.cereplast.com.  Producing alternatives to petroleum based products by using corn, algae and other natural ingredients, Cereplast is a leader in the green movement.
And last Thursday they had an event in the Herman Miller showroom to announce the winner of their bioplastics symbol contest.  With several thousand entries and over a million votes the contest produced beautiful designs along with awareness of the bioplastics movement.
Gary Dean Anderson, creator of the original chasing arrows recycling symbol, was on hand to speak about the climate of his contest some 40 years ago compared with today's social media landscape.
Laura Howard's beautiful "flower" design, below, won her $25,000 and a place in green history.
I've long been a fan of Josie Maran's corn based biodegradable plastic packaging.  And I hope that companies like Cereplast creating more environmentally friendly options will increase their demand.  But really it's up to us as consumer's to vote at the register.