Last weekend for my birthday mom and I visited Asilomar center just south of Carmel,  Asilomar was the resort featured in Wayne Dyer's movie "The Shift" which really seems to only impress my mother and I, we're big fans.  Love the man.
The sea on the northern coast is beautiful in a rugged, natural way that our polished beaches in the south are not.  The seaweed and tide pools are more inspiring than any trend report I've ever read.  Really, who does it better than Mother Nature?  The clean salt air was invigorating and I was envious of the residents whose morning ritual was a brisk walk. 
The food is sourced from all local providers and subsequently, amazing.  Something to be said about eating what's local and fresh.  There was a ukulele convention in town (!) and lovely teachers shared our breakfast table.  I burned through the second book of "The Hunger Games" in the amazing lobby (and fell into a slight depression when I finished the final installment this weekend, what the hell am I going to do with myself now?).
The next morning my mom and I did some inspired shopping (next blog promises to be all about Lush Cosmetics) in Carmel and then began our drive into the valley.  Carmel valley is the beautiful home of numerous vineyards and a few well known organic farms.   Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful.
I dropped my mom off in the middle of nowhere (with no cell reception) waiting on her Buddhist Sangha from Austin to pick her up.  She spent the week at Tassajara,, deep in the mountain practicing zazen and hiking.  Wonderful, wonderful and wonderful.