TEMPTU - Beauty meets Technology

Last weekend we shot Temptu which marked my first personal experience with airbrush.  Working on the script in the weeks leading up to the shoot I quickly discovered that any educational question regarding airbrushing all goes back to comfort with technology.

I'm also using Temptu this quarter for my Branding class at FIDM (and I'm thinking about using them for my new Video Marketing class as well:)  With previous brands such as, Urban Decay, smash, Hercut, Josie Maran and Leaf & Rusher I always focus the competitive analysis on other beauty brands.  With Temptu I realized I would need to focus on other technology brands since that is what Temptu is at it's core.

Temptu is to beauty what Apple is to technology.

When the IPhone first came out I braced myself for the inevitable "you don't have to have that" discussion with my husband.  He wanted it, I didn't think we needed it.  We had cell phones, not to mention FIVE Apple computers for the two sentient beings with opposeable thumbs in our household.

I feel about technology the same way I do about crowds.  Only when absolutely necessary.
And then my husband gave me an IPhone for Christmas (most likely in prep for his support of an IPad for himself in the near future).  And it has completely changed how I live.  Not to mention the mini mac hooked up to our flat screen and my e reader (I friggin' love my daily commute on the train now, when did fiction get so good!?!)

At first wary of the cost and difficulty involved with an airbrush machine I am a total convert.  I truly believe that in the near future (God willing) beauty will become completely about "looking like our best self" (hello Oprah episode!) and less like the trend expression that currently supports the beauty business.

Screw "newness".  Seasonal beauty collections are as big a marketing scam as bottled water.
I want a flawless complexion day in and day out.  Period.

Temptu's Air Pod Gun is the lightest application I've experienced with foundation.  Not only no lines of demarcation, but no starting or stopping points AT ALL!  Try that with a brush.  Or your fingers.
A 3 minute application (after an couple of trainings:) is also the quickest as well.
And the formula, lemme tell ya bout the formula.  Silicone based formula (but not the cheap ball rolling kind in a lot of primers) means soft focus expression lines and pores for a 14 hour wear.  (and that was under lights and some pressure)

Welcome to the future ladies.