Selma Hayek's NUANCE

I went by CVS to check out Selma Hayek's much publicized new beauty venture.  Her line "Nuance" has several dozen products spanning skin, color and hair care.
Very, very reasonably priced she does keep to her promise to make beauty accessible to everyone.  I tried a few of her color pieces and liked the eyeshadow quads the best.  The "Neutral" pod is by far superior with the shimmer formula having a significantly better payoff and wear than the mattes in the "Smokey" pod.  The brown in the Neutral contained Red Lake which often irritates my eyes but did not in this case.  The shade and consistency is of incredible quality considering the $8.50 price tag.  The Smoky was a bit of a let down with little pay off and creasing well before lunch but with the majority of skin tones looking better in warm undertones at least they got the more important product right.  The packaging is by far the best feature.  Part sculpture, part travel case I can't get enough of these futuristic pods.  I originally wanted to try the tinted moisturizer but found it to be very chemical heavy and decided to pass.  Overall though, great job, Brava!  Bring on the cheap kicks.