Chinese New Year & The Body Butter Lady

We headed downtown to Chinatown the other weekend and aside from the great parking debacle (take the train!) had a fab time.

There was a great pop up area with lots of local artisans.  Rebecca's Pearls,, had simple, lovely designs at very reasonable prices.  And it was my first spotting of a "Fashion Truck", novel and adorable.  There stock was basic downtown finds but the idea of a truck showing up anywhere with constantly update stock is a great idea.  And by far the best find was the "Body Butter Lady".  This gorgeous lady specialized in homemade skin care that addresses anything from eczema, to acne to stretch marks.  She had a line waiting for samples of her famous body butter and I left with her soap for oily/acneic skin.  The bar of soap was about the size of my fist and cost $5.  The most amazing thing about it is the huge amount of lather and squeaky clean feel I get after each use.  With all natural ingredients it seems to be holding up in my bathroom soap bowel okay but it's crumbly texture would make it impoossible to travel with.  I would pay the same amount for less product in a solid form, but it is hands down one of the best cleansers I've found.