Unique Los Angeles products

Last weekend I checked out the local artisans at Unique LA in the fashion district.  I loved all the craftmanship involved in each piece and the prices are remarkably low since you're buying direct from the creator.  I saw everything from clothes to salts and it was engaging getting to speak with each different maker.

As far and workmanship goes the best in show was www.spragwerks.com.  It was also the only booth that got my husband's full attention.  Although pricey there are a few great deals, like the money clips and tool role.  They had more pieces at the fair than I saw on their site but I think their custom pieces would be phenomenal.
My favorite find was the hand blended fragrances at www.smellbent.com.  Great branding, original product with a solid research background.  I bought the "Alphabet" package  because I prefer the green and woodsy unisex bases although I think most ladies would love the "#1 Hit for Her".   I've tried every scent and they have all worn long and true.  And how cute is this guy?!.......
I also picked up a few products from "Hello Mellow" and I really liked "Further", bath products made from vegetable oil by products pulled from restaurants for bio diesel cars.  And "Unearth Melee" had great body care with an asian twist.
Can't think of a better way to pass a Sunday than with a little meaningful consumerism.