Downtown Style

This morning I hit my favorite farmer's market in Atwater and was stoked to find a great new sewing studio on Glendale Blvd.  Sew La,, has great atmosphere, beautiful fabrics and reasonably priced classes.

Then I went by the quarterly vinyl show in Chinatown and saw a couple of amazing designers.  My favorite jewelry find was Nena Soul Fly,, whose gorg fabric earrings and necklaces had a rich, ethnic texture and feel.  Zane Marie,, used the same fabric applique technique on vintage bags, the old time doctor's bags with new school prints were amazing.

As always, my favorite store in Chinatown is Flock Shop,  Picked up a great original print to send my bro for his birthday and heard about the upcoming show in September celebrating their 5th year anniversary.

Also picked up some barrettes at the dollar store, spotted a sweet ride and some street art in Little Tokyo, then wrapped up with a few Hitachinos at Far Bar.  I heart Sundays...