Organic Skin Care

I was in Santa Fe last week and found the most amazing herbalist, Tomas Enos, who also makes organic skin care.
I've been slowly switching my beauty products over to all natural and I've found one universal truth.  Hair is easy, skin takes a little research and color is allusive. by Allafia sells shampoo, conditioner and body lotion for $9.99 at Whole Foods.  I'm not going to lie, it doesn't perform like Kerastase.  My hair is heavier and has less body. But it's a tenth the price and completely natural.  Giovanni makes an excellent natural hair spray and gel, also at Whole Foods

For skin care I've been using a lot of, which I love.  The performance of Herbalism face wash is great but I am not crazy about the non-liquid form which causes me to lose a lot of product in my hands and down the drain.

At Milagro I picked up, Botanical Cleanser for Oily Skin, Clear Skin cream for Acne-Prone Skin and Bloodroot Cream.  My skin has always been oily and acne prone and is now at it's best in my late 30's thanks to an amazing esthetician and careful product selection.
My worst experience was with Proactiv, which I only tried out of desperation at age 30.  It did prevent breakouts but it did so by sucking all the natural oil out of my skin.  When I began to see premature crow's feet after a couple of years of use I swore off of it.  And now I've been looking for a natural replacement for Jan Marini's BioGlyclolic line which performs amazingly, but obviously, is chemically based.

Milagro cleanser - excellent consistency, a little goes a long way.

Clear Skin Cream - amazing texture, and the aloe vera, witch hazel and seagel have done wonders with preventing break outs while at the same time not making me look like a raisin a la Proactiv

Bloodroot Cream -  designed to minimize discoloration, I've been using this rich cream at night with amazing results, it's also moisturizing and lightweight, my skin loves it

All products contain only natural and organic ingredients.  I'm a little curious how these preservative free concoctions will hold up in my bathroom vanity, which reaches 110 in Summertime, and will keep you posted.

Milagro is by far the best natural skin care I have ever found and I'm pretty happy they take phone orders.  Prices on the products I purchased were very reasonable ranging from $15 - $28.

Next up, the search for natural color continues...