Luc Leestemaker

2012 holds 3 funerals and 3 weddings for us and I've noticed something about ceremonies in general.  They are most profound when authentically representing something or someone rather than standing on the ceremony of artifice involved with events thrown for the attendees.

One of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever attended, in this or any other year, is the one celebrating the life of artist Luc Leestemaker after his battle with cancer ended on his 55th birthday. 

My friend Emily, Luc's partner, put the event together following Luc's wishes that "If there is to be a service, please make it full of light and white (no black), flowers and good music, and all the stuff the helps people to realize that the universe is one big room, and all we need to do is to be careful when we open the overhead bins as items have a tendency to shift during flight..."

And something miraculous happened, it truly was a celebration.  And a great room.  I've heard a lot of people talk about wanting to celebrate a life when planning a funeral, but they usually lose themselves in the natural grief that colors everything black.

But not Emily.  Beautiful works of art, flowers, signature cocktails, DJ, and incredibly inspirational speakers made the day feel like sun on your skin.  Which is only fitting for the likes of Luc Leestemaker.  Hearing some patrons of his speak of what is work meant to them was beautiful and the soul of what it means to be an artist.

"When we start understanding how long we have carried generations of carts filled with heavy stones up the hill, from a false sense of obligation, where as in 'reality' all the universe asks of us is to honor ourselves and realize ourselves, we can break the chain, and with that freed up energy realize whatever dreams we have.  After all, we were all made of stardust, but it is up to us, to turn that dust back into stars... Luc Leestemaker