Becky the Beauty

Becky and I went to elementary, middle and high school together (we grew up in a suburb of Houston where all three levels were located within a mile of each other, super fun).

Becky has always been beautiful.  She has similar coloring to Nicole Kidman's porcelain skin and clear day eyes but combined with razor sharp anime bone structure.  And, as I've learned through her facebook postings, she seems to have won the genetic lottery of aging.  Very rare for the fair skinned beauties.  Not to mention that after 4 kids she looks the same in a sweater dress as she did at 18. 

I remember Becky more for her quirky sense of humor, old soul and laser like interest than her appearance.  So when I saw these amazing pictures of her family, reuniting after one of her husband's 6 month deployments, I was struck again by her beauty. 

I love my husband dearly, and miss him when he's gone.  But I have never been challenged with something like raising 4 kids while he's gone.  And he's never been challenged with something like protecting this country, in this very stressful time.  While only seeing his family twice a year. 

Thank for that by the way Jesse.

And I realized that while she has always been beautiful, Becky's loveliness is intensified by her happiness. 
They are so clearly love. 
She is so clearly an amazing mother
(despite the elf costumes). 
Her husband is so clearly devoted. 
Those things make her beauty seem like you are looking at her through a prism. 
(except for the elf cosutmes:)

Thanks for sharing Becky.