Lori Ryker - Architect

I first saw Lori Ryker's "Inside Out" house years ago and I've included pictures of her work in my beauty / design collage books ever since.  I have a great appreciation for architecture, even if it is from a window shopping standpoint.  It helps me imagine the type of life I want to lead.  If you've never created a collage or pull book it's a great and fun exercise to collect beautiful images that help you develop and determine your aesthetic.  Mine include, fashion, nature, architecture, people, beauty, etc, etc.  Beauty is everywhere.

Awhile back my dear, sweet friend Terri was staying with us and she loved our little potted herbs in the kitchen window, ready at hand for cooking.  I thought to myself, "wait til I have a GARDEN in the kitchen". (3rd image down).

One of my New Year's / Happiness Project goals is more self education.  Luckily, I live in LA and opportunities abound.  One education activity I plan on attending is the open lectures series at sci - arc downtown.  http://www.sciarc.edu/lectures.php  One of the most prestigious architecture schools in the world, sci - arc is tucked into to the Arts District behind Little Tokyo.  They have an amazing book store, located next to a coffee shop which boasts one of the most interesting study crowds around.  And the school itself is located in an old train depot. 

One of my favorite lessons that I take from architecture is that how a building works with its surrounding is as important as the building itself.  I think the same can be said about people.  Beauty abounds in design, below are some of my favorite works of Lori Ryker.