Marlowe the Littlest Beauty

Morgan and I went to Theater school together about a decade and a half ago and have been friends ever since.  My dear friend won the genetic lottery, closely resembling a human version of Jessica Rabbit.  (try to spot her in the pic on right:)  Her awesome husband Kent is pretty easy on the eyes too so you can imagine the family portraits with their 3 gorgeous offspring: Flynn, Marlowe and Rue.

They're pretty amazing kids, following close suit to their folks' easy demeanor and sincere goodness.  Being around Morgan is a little like having cocktails with Gisele and Tina Fey.  Men open doors, drinks are free and you're going to laugh.  A lot.  One of my favorite Morgan observations,  when I asked for advisement on whether using a epidural was bad, Morgan having had an epidural and natural delivery, responded: "You know, no one really gives you a medal or anything, just do whatever you want".  As nonjudgmental a soul as you will ever find.

When Anthony and I started stocking up to launch our online store I came across a lot of vintage kids clothes.  There were a few pieces I couldn't pass up (a common problem which was the instigating factor in my husband turning our garage into a "shop").  And I couldn't think of a more beautiful model than Morgan's oldest daughter, Marlowe.  She wore the red one, below, to her school's Valentine's day party.  Seriously, how beautiful is her little smile?!

I love the construction and material of vintage clothing and I've always worn quite a bit of vintage.  So, when I tried the year experiment of only buying vintage awhile back I wasn't surprised to find how much it really suited me.  Instead of crowded malls and showing up a cocktail parties looking like everyone else I reveled in giving new life to something.

Just like Marlowe on Valentine's Day.

And just like my husband's cars, which now reside in the driveway:)