The best magazines that you might not be reading...

I love magazines and, thankfully, they fall into my buying category at Whole Foods.  It makes me so happy to see regional and Lifestyle titles thrive across the country.  While I agree that there are some forms of communication with one foot in the grave (CDs and DVDS I'm lookin' at you), there is something so lovely about printed word in hand.

PORTER:  God only knows how this publication pays for itself, talk about lush spreads.  I guess the same way people can afford to shop the site.  I'm happy perusing the gorgeous editorials spreads and modern interviews.  A modern Vogue with slant towards career and product.

Modern Farmer:  I know, not the same without Ann Marie, but I still support the mission and message.  And really, who read the Minister of Ag interviews?

Naturally Danny Seo:  I was not really familiar with Danny until his publication came out.  I just love the smart and thoughtful stories.  And appreciate the sincerity with which he guides his team and "lifestyle" vision.  Hope to see more of the broader content range featured in Summer publication.  Great travel profiles, personal content and applicable recipes for the good life.

Organic Spa:  Not quite as slick as its pricier peers, I still applaud this smart little publication.  Experts in their field, the content is straightforward and expertly curated.  I especially enjoy (and utilize) the well researched industry guides.  If you're looking for clean product, trends in innovation and places to find those things, this is your book.

Garden and Gun:  Jeez, what DON'T they do right?  Beautiful imagery, trend projections way ahead of their time, personalized profiles and somehow manage to redefine "Southern" Life all at the same time.  The title is a bit of a misnomer.  Speaking as a woman of mixed ethnicity born and raised in Texas, this publication approaches Southern life in a way we can all relate to.

Dorado:  There is something so fresh and pure about this Southwestern focused mag.  Equal parts aspirational nature shots, local purveyors and unique historical focuses it is the best publication to show you a different point of view.  Vacation at your kitchen table.

Shambhala Sun: The fact that you don't have to be Buddhist to benefit from this inspirational publication is its main draw.  Interviews feature broad subjects, while editorial content is easy to apply in day to day life.  Think of them as the Oprah of Eastern religion, thanks for that by the way.

Dwell:  Never gets old, hands down the best design magazine on the market.  I have enjoyed the more approachable content as well as global focus that has been featured in the last year or two.  (so, if you haven't sold your fist start up and live anywhere other than the Bay area...)
One of my favorites was the Virginia multi generational home featured this Summer.  It gave such a lovely insight into life as well as architecture.

Green Beauty:  "Ethical, sustainable fashion & culture.  Holistic health & beauty."  And they really get it right.  I think their real strength is finding and reviewing clean, luxury cosmetics and facial care.  I appreciated their thoughtfulness in using a plus size cover model without touting the fact.  They also  review relevant media and were quick to pick up on "True Cost" one of the most impactful documentaries on fast fashion to date.